American Idol Joanna Pacitti Gets Her Real 4SS

Joanna Pacitti (born October 6, 1984) is an American singer. She was a contestant on American Idol during 2009.In 1996, at age 12, Pacitti was chosen to star in the 20th anniversary revival of the musical Annie after entering a contest sponsored by the department store Macy's. Pacitti starred in 106 performances with the national tour, obtaining mixed reviews.

Two weeks before the show was to land on Broadway, she became ill with bronchitis. She returned to find she had been permanently replaced not by her understudy, but by Brittny Kissinger, one of the actresses playing an orphan instead. The firing generated a great deal of national publicity. Joanna appeared for interviews on ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, American Journal and Turning Point, an in-depth report with Barbara Walters. Her family employed a public relations strategist to elicit opportunities with various media outlets.

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